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We are a digital cooperative focused on the technology and communication services market. We offer customized solutions for small and medium businesses, such as software, website and application development, in addition to business management programs. But not only that. We also boost your sales and give visibility to your brand actions with digital marketing services and content creation for the web. We have the ideal portfolio to help your company grow and achieve more visibility!

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We believe in sharing ideas for the collective construction of technological solutions. Therefore, we work with open source software, which allows us to deliver secure and reliable digital services at an affordable price to those who need it most.

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We combine technological solutions and digital communication for companies to improve their performance on the network. Our goal is to make your business known to people, but without forgetting that the main thing is to maintain a good relationship with your target audience. After all, a brand is made with a routine. 

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The speed of change in the digital world is impressive. To accompany them, we bet on cooperativism to form a team that constantly seeks technological innovations to assist customers and partners in the evolution of their companies. Contact us to become an associate.

Products and services

App development, creation and design
iOS & Android

Local development of Mobile Apps and Software for cell phones and smartphones

We develop the best in the software market, with technologies specific to native apps. We program efficiently to create lightweight, responsive and efficient applications.

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Sites e

Programming, design, development and maintenance of websites

An experienced team of developers programs to bring the best sales results to your company. Whether with the promotion of your website or business on the internet or by SEO techniques you will not regret our platforms and web portals. Integration with Blogs, Virtual Store. We develop a design and a personalized technology, according to your company.

PopEnterprise Management System

Manage your business through cloud software. Control your sales, billing, e-commerce, CRM, quotes, invoice issues, fleet, expenses, suppliers and more. Get management reports with business intelligence and integration with robust APIs for Human Resources administration. All of this consolidated in a 100% online system.

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Multimedia content

We employ multidisciplinary techniques and knowledge to plan, create, develop, publish and distribute content in electronic and digital media

Photos, videos, visual identity, content for social media.

Digital communication solutions

Corporate communication, press relations, clipping, product activation, content for websites and digital media, email marketing and more.

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Hosting and Maintenance of Sites and Applications

Hosting in cloud or on dedicated servers with Network Operation Center (NOC) 24 hours a day. Internet Service Provider (ISP) or dedicated internet services located on three continents to offer the best performance. All this with preparation for virtualization and scalability for customers.

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